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Clinton, CT 06413
Indian River

Gravel Fill

Sand Indian River
Recycled Process 1 ½" :
Contains asphalt,road millings,tar, rocks, sand, dirt,and stone no larger than 1 1/2".
Used for: Road base, Driveway base, Good for potholes because material binds with heat.

Process Traprock 3/4
Blue stone crushed into pieces no larger than 3/4". Also contains smaller grains similar to stone dust. packs very well locks into place.
Used for: Driveways, walkway base, Footing for a building or concrete.

Sandy Fill:(Fill, Silty Sand, Dead Sand, Clean Fill)
Very fine sand with silt. Considered a "clean fill" because it does not contain rocks and roots. Easy to work with. Not recommended for play areas. The silt will stick to skin and clothing.
Used for: Beaches, Fill for under topsoil, fill for large holes or depressions, backfill, or pipe bedding.

Septic Fill
State approved material, containing small stones and bank run sand. Sieve test on file if needed.

Common Fill
Cheaper fill. Contains rocks, roots, sticks, clay, mud-like material.
Used for: Large voids

Sandy Fill


Traprock ¾

Blue Stone ¾